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Inchtech's is a young company that operates in the ICT sector. This company advocates the development of new technologies for companies and third parties and has strong potential for research and development.

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Our Mission

We observe our Society, analyse her needs and develop new applications and services which can facilitate any task in any field.

Our Team

Well equiped with innovative and hardworking individuals, who aspire bringing up technological standards,of whatsoever domain concerned and satisfy our clients

Our Qualities

We provide efficient services at a low cost rate. All our services are provided in the shortest time possible

Our Availability

We are always available 24hours in a day 7 days in a week just for our clients and we won't rest till they are satisfied.

Our Products & Services

Free Website Creation

-   We offer you the management of the content of your website using the most popular Content Management Systems of the moment.
-   We also create your websites free of charge and host them at very low costs with unlimited bandwidth.

Sale of computer & telecom equipment.

-   We also sell low cost telecommunications and computer equipments to our customers

Wifi Installation

-   Implementation of wireless networks for hotels, Company, Home etc to offer you a global service not to worry about any technical problems in your establishment.
-   In the event of a problem with your computer tools, our technicians will intervene as soon as possible.


-   We train others and share our technological know how to individuals aspiring to learn more about technology & technological evolutions

IP Telephony

-   We do provide IP Telephony service which is a general term for the technologies that use the Internet Protocol's packet-switched connections to exchange voice, fax, and other forms of information that have traditionally been carried over the dedicated circuit-switched connections of the PSTN

Video Surveillance

-   Ever thought of monitoring your house, workplace or any other environment at a distance?
-   Ever thought of keeping a digital record of what comes in and goes out of the environnement?
-   We offer this service at affordable rates

Tracking and GeoLocation

-   Scared of loosing an item?
-   Want to find out where someone is?
-   We can give you that possibility of tracking and localising items and people


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What's New

Welcome to Inchtech's Newsroom, check out our experiences with latest trends in technology and cool technology stuff

Big Data
Businesses are overwhelmed by increasing data volumes of all types. The Big Data approach makes it possible to collect, store, and analyze all this data at much more reasonable costs ...

  Inchtechs' Team
Embedded Systems and the Internet of Things
This domain allows you to have transportable, lightweight and reliable electronic and computer equipment to monitor, control, communicate ...

  Inchtechs' Team
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Supervised learning will apply to problems in which the goal is to predict a value. So this technology provides for the future evolution of your businesses.

  Inchtechs' Team

Our Research & Development

Database Conception / Management

Software dev't on demand

Innovative solution for enterprises

Creation of new technology

Big data applications

Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence

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